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A History, In Boxes

by William Ryan Fritch & Matt Finney

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you were staying with your grandparents in tennessee for the summer we were 15 and we'd been together for a little over a year i didn't know what to do with myself you emailed me everyday told me it took you about an hour to send each one of them because they only had dialup where they lived out in the country you hated it there on the farm your uncles always told you stories about how the previous owner hung himself out in the barn and it kept you up all night all we talked about was turning 18 and getting married at the court house your parents coldn't stop us then you sent me some pictures you took while you were out there there was one of  you smiling while you posed next to your grandpa's old blue ford that didn't run anymore but there was a mountain of coke cans in the back of it goddamn, i've never seen anything so beautiful
had my eyes closed sitting on the front porch waiting for you to come home listening to our neighbors fight and some kids playing down the street this is the kind of place we talked about getting when we were teenagers so desperate to get away from our parents we made plans i was in an emo band emo was the shit back then i was gonna be in a band and you were gonna be this artist and we'd create around each other i still remember the drawing you gave me from when we were first dating it was a tree from one of your mom's old pictures that you cut up at odd angles and had a different frame for each piece it turns out i couldn't play very well and i'm not particularly clever writer the band never went anywhere your paintings just ended up in a closet i was answering phones at an insurance agency you were working in the fragrance department of the mall and you always walked in smelling of something different when you came up to me i smelled honeysuckle you leaned over and you kissed the top of my head and asked  "what's up?" i smiled at you and said nothing i held your hand and stopped you in your tracks i said nothing at all
the living room looked exactly like the one in my parents house when i was a kid when we moved it was like going through old pictures it looked like a place i thought i was never gonna go back to the only thing missing was the deer my dad had mounted on the wall we were here and you were holding my hand and we were surrounded by boxes this is before i had to figure out what i was gonna do without you
Dinner Party 03:02
our friends were coming over to see the new place more of yours than mine i kept stealing glances at you gathered in the middle of everyone laughing and talking like you were in those southern living magazines my mom used to read i was holding a beer it was getting warm in my hand you walked over and tried to calm me down even here in front of people i'd known for years my hands wouldn't stop shaking we snuck out on the porch and i told you i had that dream again the one where it was christmas and we were coming back from visiting your parents in birmingham only to find the house in ashes in the snow you didn't know what to say we didn't have the curtains up yet the light from the living room was spilling out onto the porch it was a barrier between us that we'd never be able to cross
maybe it's warmer and you're not heading for north carolina to live with your cousin maybe i didn't find you on the bathroom floor bleeding crying while i was outside trying to sneak a cigarette maybe i didn't go into the baby's room and punch a hole in the wall while i was drunk maybe i didn't let you slip right through my hands maybe it's just us in that picture we had a stranger take when we went to rock city it was always hanging crooked on the wall


BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVE: The instrumental version of 'A History, in Boxes' will only ever be available through Bandcamp.

A History, in Boxes’ is a collaboration between spoken word artist and writer Matt Finney and multi-instrumentalist William Ryan Fritch. Much of ‘A History, in Boxes’ will no doubt recall Fritch’s more triumphant and explosively charged works such as 2014’s ‘Heavy EP’ and his work with drummer Jon Mueller on the Death Blues 'Ensemble' album. Lost Tribe Sound is thrilled to welcome Matt Finney and his tragically heartfelt storytelling and wry sense of humor to the label. We’ll let Finney take it from here in his own words.

I don't think I've ever written a love song. I've been lucky enough to have worked with several extremely talented composers over the years but I never felt like I was capable of doing that. That changed when I heard William's album Her Warmth and it left me a bawling mess. I knew I found my partner in crime. I'm honored to have made this album with him.

This album is about two women who changed my life. I loved them and lost them both. I was young and stupid and not ready for either of them but they taught me a lot. The details about them are blurred to where they became one character in this. I like to think I did them justice. I was inspired by the movies 'Blue Valentine' and 'Two for the Road.' Cutting the story up. One song leading to heartbreak, another about finding each other. All of this set to William's banjo picking... it was the easiest album I've ever had to write despite the subject matter.

Here are a bunch of songs about those tiny moments that mean everything. Sunday morning with only sunlight waking you up. The smell of bacon frying in the kitchen. The sound of a soft voice singing along to a song on the radio. It's out of tune, it's not perfect but you'd think it was heaven. I hope you've had the chance to experience those as well.


released August 18, 2017



"This is a sweeping slice of Americana, a long-lost relation of a new, explosive folk with a soft inner centre (thanks to the banjo), with electro-acoustic elements similar in vein to post-post-rock." - James Catchpole (FLUID RADIO) (

"Alternative country” stripped down to such a cinematic, minimal sound...there is a larger sense of despondency, especially beneath the weight of Finney’s downtrodden voice." - INVISIBLE ORANGES (

"Per quanto diversi ne siano i presupposti, più di un passaggio di “A History, In Boxes” può far pensare al coronamento, vent’anni dopo, dell’evoluzione di quel post-rock orchestrale che spesso presentava parti in spoken word, qui invece organicamente legate agli aspetti compositivi, e del quale le creazioni di Fritch e Finney condividono senz’altro gli aspetti di latente tensione e austero romanticismo." - MUSIC WON'T SAVE YOU (

All music written, recorded and mastered by William Ryan Fritch
Words and vocals written and recorded by Matt Finney
Cover photo courtesy of Simpleinsomnia
Cover photo modified by Ryan Keane
Cover photo licensed under "Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)"
Video footage for trailer licensed and modified from the original under Creative Commons Attribution License - taken from “Childhood” by Murejib “Childhood Memories” by ACP Creative Labs
Published by Settled Scores LLC (ASCAP 2017)
Copyright William Ryan Fritch / Matt Finney / Lost Tribe Sound, LLC
Published by Settled Scores LLC (ASCAP 2017)

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all rights reserved



William Ryan Fritch California

William Ryan Fritch is a composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer currently based in Oakland, California. His compositions are characterized by his unique range as a multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer, allowing him to realize large ensemble arrangements found in folk, Indie-rock, electronica,
Hip-hop, World and orchestral music as a solo endeavor.
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