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Clean War

by William Ryan Fritch

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Rob Skidmore
Rob Skidmore thumbnail
Rob Skidmore Another expansive collection of original tracks from William. Excellent sound which engulfs the speakers with great clarity and separation. The instrumentation is well arranged and each release from this guy is unique and different. Boundless creativity and a great addition to my collection. Favorite track: Storms.
usyk thumbnail
usyk a part of unceasing journey of his creation Favorite track: Storms.
Benjamin Doran
Benjamin Doran thumbnail
Benjamin Doran Soaring from mire. Crisp and muted. Layered with textures that only reveal themselves at separate listenings. Favorite track: Protracted.
Ben thumbnail
Ben Hymns to the end of the world. Played with the resigned acceptance of our collective failures. Subtle, dense and layered, as most WRF music seems to be.

This is a fitting way to end the massive, sprawling Leave Me Series. A hazy punctuation following the eerie New Words For Old Wounds.

I look forward to the next album, which has already been hinted at. Favorite track: Our Strange Progression.
Ashley Leiper
Ashley Leiper thumbnail
Ashley Leiper excellent stuff, as always Favorite track: Our Strange Progression.
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Squander 01:58
Storms 03:18
Heavy mottled clouds... The soiled bandages that seal the skies. We pray for storms. For with the clearest skies, and the most sterile whites... Are when looks are most deceiving and danger is most nigh. May it's shroud of dank and dark surround us still. We pray for storms.
Blue Birth 03:52
A blue birth... thrust into the world too soon. A red death culled from this life too soon.
Empty bellied gods, unsatisfied man, Though we devour one another we can never stomach ourselves. Oh hollow beast, human discord rings out hanging in suspense. How can we resolve such a flawed progression? Lonely gods and mirthless men, Oh how we glut and we kill, With the hope that something will fill this hollowness inside Oh gutted beast, human discord rings out. How can we resolve such a flawed progression? Oh such rage such rage, consumptive and blinding I am forced to smolder it like an abandoned coal Hollow beast human discord rings out and there may be no resolve to our strange progression.
A slow collapse a gradual greying... Like wisps of fog rolling, allow collapse. A slow collapse only prolongs the pain... We’re too proud to see the need for change. Such a drowsy discontent a placid indifference. What is gone has not been lost it’s been given away. Oh blind. Blind and struggling in the water Blind. Blind and struggling in the water Such a drowsy discontent a placid indifference. What is gone has not been lost, it’s been given away. What is lost has not been taken, it’s been given away.
The Fall 02:14
Protracted 03:34
Clean War 05:04
There is no clean war. There is no absolute truth There is no victimless deed, but we are deaf to the echoes of each. There is no clean war. No merciful death only scarcity and abject fear. We are deaf to the echoes of distrust and greed... Till it’s built up to a bedlam of noise. There are no clean wars, There are no immutable words no absolute truths, Yet we choose to mute the echoes of each.
Aftermath 02:56


“Empty bellied gods, Unsatisfied man. Though we devour one another, we can never stomach ourselves. Oh hollow beast, human discord rings out hanging in suspense. How can we resolve such a flawed progression?” - WR. Fritch

William Ryan Fritch’s new album ‘Clean War’ arrives during uncertain times - hollow leaders, blurred friends and foes, a heavy mix apathy and aggression divide much of our society, a need to label people, places, and ideas so quickly in order to usher them away to our like and dislike piles with no more than a crooked word from our sponsors.

The current state of music shares a similar struggle, slap it with a genre label, file it away in under a week on whichever xyz music blog, and forget about it. William Ryan and Lost Tribe Sound have long attempted to combat this lethargic behavior by producing substantive music that you’d wholly regret never laying ears upon, music that holds a fire in its belly and challenges comparison. A perfect example of one such effort is Fritch’s new ten song album, ‘Clean War.’

Of course music becomes more intriguing and mystifying the less we talk about it, but a few words may help clear the path. ‘Clean War’ is an album of grave societal concerns, with poetic and deeply cutting lyrical verses that take direct aim at them. Take for instance this poignant moment from the title song, “There is no clean war. There is no absolute truth. There is no victimless deed, but we are deaf to the echoes of each.”

Musical themes established, what does the album actually sound like? It’s an even further rejection of the soft, clean cinematic stock stamped out by today’s modern classical scene. Don’t let the title ‘Clean War’ fool you, it is anything but clean. It’s a woozy descent into some of the dirtiest psych music around. Pained orchestras of guitar, strings, horns, and synths rise from the swollen landscape; saturated, buzzing vocals cut the air, only to be devoured once again by the fog. The percussion lumbers through the album's more rock framed moments like a thirty ton, war-clad pachyderm laying waste to, and oddly propelling each worn and beaten reverie. In its passages of retreat, ‘Clean War’ delves into an entirely new world, one which comparatively speaking would rest comfortably alongside the dank tape delayed burial grounds of Ian William Craig and Leyland Kirby's Caretaker project.

‘Clean War’ is an undeniably human album, proudly displaying it wounds and disgust. Fritch must purge these dark psalms in order to not be consumed by them. Yet in the mire, a gentler tone resides, one that knows there is still good in humanity. He leaves us with a solemn prayer - a call to be decent to one another, to be more than hollow beasts, to upset a future of poor repetitious behaviors.

‘Clean War’ arrives right on the heels of Fritch’s incredibly bombastic final album in his 11 album Subscription Series, ‘New Words For Old Wounds’ delivered on May 20th, 2016. It’s worth mentioning, ‘Clean War’ is a look beyond, to a towering, shadowy mountain of music that lurks in the not too distant horizon. More on that soon!


released June 17, 2016

Originally released on Lost Tribe Sound. See Catalog:

"Chamber pop orchestras sweeping in from an alternate 60s, teetering on the brink of distortion - drums clattering, honey dripped choirs cooing over broken organs and gently swaying string sections. It basically doesn’t really sound like anything else around at the moment." - G. Miller -DROWNED IN SOUND

"The production of Clean War is that of a cassette excavated from layers of compacted earth, caked in mud and bleeding tape from both spools. These songs have to fight to be heard against a medium that threatens to rip their wondrous orchestration into incommunicable obscurity" - ATTN MAGAZINE

"Clean War offers something more. His sound is soupier than ever before. For most artists this would be a bad thing, but here there’s something epic about these near distorted washes of warmth that elevates his approach." - CYCLIC DEFROST

"If New Words for Old Wounds is the culmination of the Leave Me Sessions, then Clean War is the coda... these tracks reflect a shift to the abraded orchestra and filtered voice" - A CLOSER LISTEN


All songs written, recorded and mastered by William Ryan Fritch
Image licensed under CC 4.0 - (Source coming soon)
Published by Settled Scores LLC (ASCAP 2016)
Copyright by Lost Tribe Sound, LLC


all rights reserved



William Ryan Fritch California

William Ryan Fritch is a composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer currently based in Oakland, California. His compositions are characterized by his unique range as a multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer, allowing him to realize large ensemble arrangements found in folk, Indie-rock, electronica,
Hip-hop, World and orchestral music as a solo endeavor.
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