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by William Ryan Fritch

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editions vaché
editions vaché thumbnail
editions vaché There is so much to love in WRF's prolific output- He can do no wrong. Stephen has been listening to him since the 'Tokyo Bloodworm' days- and though we've got most of his stuff, there is more to discover...fortunately- plus, his voice is rich and expressive- a joyful addition to his multi-instrumental prowess... TM/SS/AM Favorite track: Revisionist.
roland's thumbnail
roland's outstanding. intense. inspiring. monumental.
one of the most exeptional songwirters I know, ignoring any genre barriers for the sake of great, great music.
Favorite track: Thankless Deeds.
Mubla Na Thguob
Mubla Na Thguob thumbnail
Mubla Na Thguob Music just doesn't get better than this. I wrote and rewrote my review several times before giving up and deciding to go with the suggestion that you 'just listen'. Favorite track: Unholy Frames (Feat. Origamibiro).
Jeremy / HI54LOFI
Jeremy / HI54LOFI thumbnail
Jeremy / HI54LOFI It's crazy how much amazingness this guy manages to keep knocking out. I'm starting to think he is some kind of musical Terminator sent from the future. Favorite track: Heavy.
nimmermehrda thumbnail
nimmermehrda A sad melody which corresponds to the very truth. Favorite track: Imposters.
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In Denial 05:25
Oh how easy to just wash our hands of this. Easier than dealing with it’s trails of blood. For with little more than opaque words you can conceal. Such empty lies have so ably revised the deeds our bodes have done If we can’t deny it. then we will revise and let time do as it may how sobering it is to have the truth splayed out so naked and raw such an animal thing unworthy of myth or song so plain our lives born of random device that unfolds in cold and cruel ways in we can’t deny it then we must revise it and hope time sees it our way
Revisionist 04:06
you are the wind that has blistered the earth and scattered the seeds. you are the salt in my wounds, but you melted all that froze. you are the breath the cools my burns you are the breath that warms my cold, blue hands. you are the drug that cripples me, but you are the only thrill I crave. you are the weight that gives real substance to me, you are the weight that bows my burdened frame. you are the wind that has blistered my world, but you’ve sculpted everything.
Heavy 02:30 video
oh how empty oh how empty I am oh how heavy oh how heavy all this weight
child let your heart be kind, May love never be scarce even in the leanest times. it is all you control in this short and fleeting life. child let your mind run wild. You are only young once and the world is shrinking down remain weightless and free and dare life to hold you down we are but an unclean thing find joy in the filth, joy in our unholy frames for they are all that we have. so frail and debased. remain weightless and free and refuse to be ashamed so much is lost that should have been saved oh all that we've forgot because we were so ashamed of our animal ways
Imposters 03:38
how many thoughts we’ve just cast aside how many dreams we’ve left to die on the vine to watch the things you gave your life to broken and unrealized and to hear the sounds that you thought to be true, twisted and out of tune you must force your heart and nerve and sinew to serve you long after they are gone and to hold on when there is nothing in you except for your will saying "hold on"! if all you control is the love that you share and how you fill each unmerciful hour then when you meet with loss or triumph or shame….. treat those impostors the same
Infant Sight 03:56
I want to laugh like I did when I didn't know better. but I can't forget what I've learned I want love like I've never know heartbreak and I want to give like I've never been taken from. can I forget all these burns? oh to see again with infant eyes, to revel in such virgin sights. I am too tired to start looking again
a blight upon these crops a drought upon the soil. They are all Death's thankless deeds that feed the shadowy things that bind this world to those unseen. oh all the shadowy things that thrive in each fearful void. Oh death's thankless deeds must claim every living thing, but so few go willingly. at a distance denied and when faced begrieved. begging please no more drought upon this soil, please no more blight upon these crops. oh how we misperceive deaths thankless deeds ever feeding the dark.
a bell a bell a bell must be a bell must be hollow to sing it rings it rings; I am empty. so still so still so still deep water must be to see beneath to be hollow, with no marrow light as a lifted wing light enough to sing so still so still so still deep water must be to see so still. I am empty


'Revisionist', from composer William Ryan Fritch (Vieo Abiungo), brings an emphatic close to his incredibly prolific 2014. Mere months after the release of Death Blues 'Ensemble'—his powerhouse collaboration with drummer and new music ringleader Jon Mueller—Fritch has produced his most focused and dynamic work yet. Energized by the collaboration with Mueller (Volcano Choir), the otherwise self-sufficient multi-instrumentalist surrendered his auterist sensibilities, seeking creative alliances with Benoit Pioulard, D.M. Stith, Origamibiro and Esme Patterson. The results are scintillating. From the elegant minimalism of “Winds” (produced by Pioulard) or the exultant vocals of “Gloaming Light” (performed by D.M. Stith), these inspired partnerships take Fritch’s instrumentation and craft to new destinations, employ new techniques, and further it’s immediacy and appeal.

Fritch writes, “Our physical laws do not in fact generate anything. They serve only to describe regularities and consistent relationships in nature. I embrace the notion of there being no immutable truth, that in its absence is an endlessly nuanced and novel experiential universe which—by eclipsing our feeble processing—leaves us innervated, enthusiastic of our unknowing.” This echoes the aching shimmer of “Impostors,” in which he sings: “To hear the sounds that you thought to be true, twisted and out of tune/ you must force your heart and nerve and sinew to serve you long after they are gone.” Those of us who know Fritch from his explosive instrumental music will be startled by his fragile, supple voice, which glides and undulates over the compositions with melodious confidence, adding another compelling dimension to his ornate sound world.

He continues, “The record explores the psychology of revisionism: how we forget evil, distort it, skim past it, papering over those aspects of history we find uncomfortable.” This way the tense, physical, and oxidized “Infant Sight” lands like a blow to the gut: “Can I forget all these burns? Oh to see again with infant eyes, to revel in such virgin sights/ I am too tired to start looking again.” Fritch has gradually made a name for himself through his peerless ability to build strange, looming musical architecture, seemingly the Babel project of a dozen artists and processes, but indeed nothing more than the sound of one expert journeyman and his live acoustic instrumentation. His kaleidoscopic array of layered sound is still foremost, but now more than ever his savant’s orchestration serves the song structure, not the reverse.

The artwork adorning Revisionist’s deluxe vinyl art booklet is the work of celebrated Brazilian artist João Raus. His work Arachne depicts the Greco Roman myth of a great weaver who insulted and bested Athena with her great skill, only to have her work torn to shreds and be condemned to live out her days ever-weaving as a spider. Ruas’s work itself is ripped into ribbons and collaged into arresting imagery that beautifully complements and enhances the album’s unique musical amalgam.

Accompanying 'Revisionist' are two contrasting EPs that serve as illuminating appendices to its aural aesthetic. 'Heavy' and 'Empty' are raw and unfiltered explorations of the distinct contrasting elements at play in the LP. 'Heavy' showcases a dense and propulsive maximalism that marked so many of Fritch’s early recordings as Vieo Abiungo, but realized with the evocative production and ruddy, unkempt western sound pallet of his most recent work. While 'Empty' is a work of patience and restraint, a look forward in many ways to the expressive and dynamic power uncovered by simplifying and paring down his ambitious, large scale works. Together these recordings are a formidable display of craft and skill from a composer no longer stymied by his expansive range, but empowered by it.


released February 10, 2015

Originally released on Lost Tribe Sound. See Catalog:

"BEST OF 2015 : Music For Capricious Souls Adrift In Noir-fi" - HEADPHONE COMMUTE

“Revisionist [is] a grand and sweeping statement marked by staggering beauty and a careful patience” - STEREOGUM

"Fritch's haunting vocals and thumping percussion...evoke a sense of euphoric dread" - VICE

"Orchestral folk that rattles you to the core with its massive beauty" - FLAVORWIRE

"Equal parts melancholic, Americana-flavored pop and percolating, post-minimalist chamber music." - PITCHFORK

"Once you’re in, you’re in deep — it’s a hallucinatory experience, bursting with colour and immediacy" - FLUID RADIO

9/10 Stars - "A rare feat of immersive, affecting and explorative sounds and concepts, Revisionist is a bold, pioneering effort to be cherished and championed." - EXCLAIM


"Fritch’s music is impactful and threatening, yet his lyrics remain delicate, rarely tempting concrete interpretation." - TINY MIX TAPES

"It’s a conceptually overwhelming experience, but Fritch’s gentle vocals feel warm and reassuring." - CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

"BEST COVER ART OF 2015 - Despite its subject matter, the album doesn’t come across as a United Nations summit. Instead, the music echoes with the weight of prophecy." - A CLOSER LISTEN

"This is complex lyrical music. It’s bombastic without being overbearing, and there’s a vulnerability and innocence here that is nothing short of breathtaking. His ability to sew these contradictory elements together is the real key to this album. It really does feel like something definitive." - CYCLIC DEFROST

"Revisionist is to a large degree a song-based album that naturally situates Fritch's distinctive voice, an ear-catching instrument that undulates in tandem with the slow, dream-like flow of the music, at the forefront." - TEXTURA

"The album travels great distances in the span of its 10 tracks (often even in just one song), transitioning from finger-picked acoustic guitars and haunting choruses to echoing snares and fluttering string orchestras." - DIFFUSER FM

"This is the free-gan style of modern-baroque-classic that all DIY orchestral auteurs and musicians should take note of." - IMPOSE MAGAZINE

"There’s an impossibly gripping aesthetic to this..., a feeling that goes far beyond your headphones, your building, even the city that you’re in." - ART INFO

"A rich and soaring soundscape that envelops the listener in a beautiful ethereal haze" - THE BAY BRIDGED

"Best Album of 2015" - SON OF MARKETING

"Favorite of 2015" - HI54LOFI


All Songs Written, Recorded and Mastered by William Ryan Fritch
Except "Winds" Co-Written with Benoit Pioulard (Thomas Meluch)
"Unholy Frames" Co-Written with Origamibiro (Thomas William Hill)
Vocals on "Gloaming Light" by DM Stith
Vocals on "Still" Co-written & Performed by Esme Patterson
Artwork by João Raus
Design & Layout by Ryan Keane
Additional Layout by Daniel Murphy
Copyright Lost Tribe Sound, LLC
Published by Settled Scores (ASCAP 2015)


all rights reserved



William Ryan Fritch California

William Ryan Fritch is a composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer currently based in Oakland, California. His compositions are characterized by his unique range as a multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer, allowing him to realize large ensemble arrangements found in folk, Indie-rock, electronica,
Hip-hop, World and orchestral music as a solo endeavor.
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